Professional Products for Craft Brewers

This range of essential brewers adjuncts has been developed after many months of work with Craft and Professional brewers to bring a range of high quality products usually restricted to commercial brewers, to all craft brewers.

Brewmaster LogoEvery item from prepared hops to beerline cleaner has been developed with brewers and field tested by almost 100 brewers.

To carry the Brewmaster label, the product must perform better than you would expect and give consistent results time after time.

Every product carries full ingredient lists in plain language. The labels also states % activity, colour, bitterness etc and what exactly it will do.

North Island Orders Only!

South Island Orders please contact Spirits Unlimited
Phone 03 688 0801 or email

Orders Outside New Zealand, please contact us at Hauraki Brewing
Phone +64 9 8373311 or email

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